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MG Pakistan Set to Raise HS Essence Price Soon

MG Pakistan Set to Raise HS Essence Price Soon


Since the introduction of the locally-assembled HS Essence SUV, the company has been diligent in maintaining consistent prices. Market fluctuations following the economic meltdown forced the local car makers to jack up their car prices. However, the recent rupee devaluation and dollar rate soaring to the new high left the new entrant with no choice but to announce a price hike.

The company, known for its transparent communication with customers, has confirmed that it will be implementing a price increase on its prominent SUV HS Essence.

In a recent update, our reliable sources have revealed that MG Pakistan has made the determination to augment the costs of the HS Essence by Rs. 300,000 taking the new price to Rs. 8,999,000 from the old rate of Rs. 8,699,000.

Further Updates

And it is pertinent to mention that this is not the only update from the company. MG Pakistan also carries the plan to launch two more EVs in conjunction with two variants (Excite and 2.0 AWD) of HS SUV.

As per sources, MG Pakistan is all set to launch two electric vehicles, including the latest generation of MG ZS EV and MG HS HEV, under an ‘alternative energy vehicles’ plan. It is related to mention that the company is planning to bring CBU units of these EVs.

Furthermore, company is also embarked to launch another premium EV soon. As per our sources, the automaker carries a plan to bring MG 4 Mulan EV (hot hatch) to the country. 

Price – The base variant of the car will come with a price tag of Rs. 1,200,0000, whilst the fully loaded top variant will be priced at Rs. 1,300,0000.

Power – Sources also disclosed that the upcoming electric vehicle will be equipped with 51 kWh.

Range – The range of the car per charge is 438 km. 

Other specifications and features of the EV are yet to be revealed.

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