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Suzuki Introduces Bonus Scheme for Swift & Wagon R

Suzuki Introduces Bonus Scheme for Swift & Wagon R


The recent uptick in prices of petroleum products and the Rupee devaluation against the mighty dollar has sent a ripple through the car industry. The car maker’s trust in the government is beginning to disappear. It seems that car companies started relying on a series of offers and bonuses for their cars.

In a recent update, Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has once again announced two different offers for its two prominent cars all-new Swift and Wagon R. 

The Offers

If you’re thinking about upgrading to the new Wagon R or the all-new Swift, you’ll be pleased to find a substantial exchange bonus and complimentary registration waiting for you.

You have the opportunity to enjoy an exchange bonus of Rs 150,000 for the all-new Swift and Rs 100,000 for the new Wagon R, along with complimentary registration.

Taking part in this appealing exchange promotion is a straightforward procedure. Prospective customers simply have to visit Suzuki authorized dealerships while the promotion is active (until 31st August).

Once they have chosen their preferred new vehicle, they can trade in their current cars, cover the price difference, and have the exchange bonus subtracted from the overall purchase cost. This process ensures a seamless shift to an enhanced driving experience.

It is pertinent to mention that this is not the first move, Pakistan Suzuki has come up with. Earlier, the company has also brought enticing exchange offer for same duo.  

Amid economic uncertainties, this exclusive August exchange offer presents a golden opportunity for consumers fond of Suzuki. By providing substantial incentives for popular vehicle models, the offer underscores dedication to customer satisfaction and tackles economic challenges.

It stands as evidence of the dedication to innovation and value, assuring customers an enhanced ownership experience as they embark on this thrilling journey.



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