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New Kia EV Range Has Bedrooms In It 

New Kia EV Range Has Bedrooms In It 


Kia Corp. has set its sights on budget-conscious drivers with the introduction of the EV5 in its new Kia EV range, a compact electric sport-utility vehicle. Unveiled at the recent EV Day event, the EV5 is designed with make-shift bedrooms in it to resonate with millennial families. 

The Chinese market variant boasts a 64-kilowatt-hour battery, providing an impressive 530 kilometers of range. Meanwhile, the long-range model comes equipped with an 88-kWh battery, offering an extended range of 720 kilometers per charge. The Korean models will tailor their battery sizes and driving ranges to align with market preferences.

Innovative Features of the EV5

Dual Displays: The EV5 features two 12.3-inch screens for instrument displays and infotainment.

Convertible Interior: The China version boasts a front bench seat, with the rear seat capable of transforming into a flat bed.

On-the-Go Comfort: Equipped with a 4-liter refrigerator and warming unit for storing food and drinks.

kia ev 5Concept Kia EV Cars

Kia’s commitment to diverse electric offerings is evident in the introduction of two concept cars:

  1. EV3 

Compact Version of Flagship EV9 – The EV3 presents a compact alternative to Kia’s flagship EV9 model.

  1. EV4 

The Sporty Sedan – With the EV4, Kia combines the elegance of a sedan with the flair of a sports car.

kia ev 4These concept cars play a pivotal role in Kia’s strategy to roll out smaller EVs in the affordable price range of $35,000 to $50,000, aiming to accelerate the widespread adoption of battery-powered vehicles.

Kia’s Electric Roadmap

Kia’s CEO, Ho Sung Song, emphasized that smaller EVs are the gateway for customers seeking affordability and charging convenience. The automaker aims to sell a staggering 1.6 million EVs by 2030.

To make electric vehicles more accessible, Kia acknowledges the need to deeply explore ways to cut EV prices further. CEO Song emphasizes the importance of achieving vehicles priced below $25,000 in the market. Exploring innovative sales strategies, such as selling vehicles without a battery that customers can rent, is on the horizon.

Kia’s electric revolution is not just about cars; it’s about redefining the driving experience and making sustainable mobility an everyday reality.



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