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Pakistan Welcomes First Russian LPG Shipment

Pakistan Welcomes First Russian LPG Shipment


In a significant development for Pakistan’s energy landscape, the country has received its inaugural shipment of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from Russia. This Russian LPG import marks the second major energy deal between the two nations, following Pakistan’s first-ever delivery of Russian crude oil earlier this year.

Pakistan’s efforts to diversify its energy sources have seen the arrival of Russian LPG, a vital component in meeting the country’s energy needs. Notably, the Russian crude shipment earlier this year was facilitated with Iranian assistance. This underscores the collaborative nature of international energy trade and regional partnerships.

Negotiations on Russian LPG

A delegation from Russia visited Islamabad in January 2023 for negotiations to solidify the energy deal. During a three-day summit, both countries diligently addressed technical concerns, including matters related to insurance, transportation, and payment methods. The joint statement issued by Pakistan and Russia emphasized the mutual economic benefits of the oil and gas trade transaction. This underscores the importance of such international collaborations in today’s interconnected world.

Key Details

Russia’s delivery of 100,000 metric tons of LPG to Pakistan was routed through Iran’s Sarakhs Special Economic Zone, highlighting the role of neighboring nations in facilitating these transactions. The Russian embassy has confirmed ongoing discussions regarding a second shipment. While specific details about Iran’s involvement and the cost of LPG remain undisclosed, these developments underscore the strengthening of energy ties in the region.

Pakistan’s Economic Challenges

Pakistan’s heavy reliance on energy imports has been a significant component of its foreign payments. Discounted imports from Russia offer some respite as the country grapples with an acute balance of payments issue and an economic crisis, which has raised concerns about external debt default.

The arrival of Russian LPG in Pakistan represents a positive step in the country’s energy diversification efforts. Collaborative agreements with neighboring countries like Russia and Iran can help address energy needs and contribute to economic stability.



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