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TIL: Drive the Bid Podcast

TIL: Drive the Bid Podcast


This week on the Drive the Bid podcast from AutoHunter.com, Derek Shiekhi and I had a tête-à-tête of sorts to show each other something from our own respective automotive worlds. Inspired by the “Today I Learned” (TIL) meme that has permeated the Internet and has inspired its own Reddit.com community, Derek schooled me on proper Bugatti Veyron maintenance, and I showed Derek why I think the 1964 Pontiac GTO was the first muscle car.

So, a bit of objective history, a bit of subjective history. What’s your take on the subjective?

Derek and I also chatted about the news, from Steve Magnante’s health (no update, so stable), an uptick of manual transmission sales, and a Mercedes-Benz PHEV that managed 58 miles for Car and Driver before the gas engine kicked in. For our AutoHunter picks, Derek chose a 1997 Ferrari F355 Spider, while I chose a 1966 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 just so I could demonstrate its authenticity could be determined by the “5V” on the data plate.

Of course, AutoHunter Cinema has plenty of other videos and podcasts created by the experts behind ClassicCars.com, the world’s largest online collector car marketplace. AutoHunter brings forth a dedicated live customer support team, quicker auction listings and exclusive benefits for both buyers and sellers.



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